☛ The ID magazine is known for its innovative photography and typography, and over the years established a reputation as a training ground for fresh talent. Let’s say it’s not a “mainstream-lover” magazine, with “pretty-pretty” airbrushed supermodels pictures.

The world of ID is much more rebellious, alternative, dark, underground, edgy & unpredictable.
Paying homage to the beauty of being “different”…transforming models into a “winking smiley”.

So now we are all wondering, what is Mrs. Beckham doing on this month’s cover??!!
She was never the smiling (or winking) type of girl.
VB, Posh, the boring spice girl, paparazzi Queen, the new-rich, footballer’s wife, ghetto-fabulous, brand-addicted, mother, gay icon, girls-girl, size-zero, singer, model, author, fashion designer…

You can love her or hate her – but she is still here…alive and kicking.
Reinventing herself, staying true to her goals, following her own visions, giving criticism the cold shoulder.

And if you discover her really dry, british, ironic sense of humor – maybe you will love her even more.


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photo by Josh Olins / ID Magazine