Fields of Gold…

☛ “Fields of Gold” has always been ONE of my favorite songs.
The music & the lyrics are so simple and pure, but epic and touching at the same time.
The fields of gold are my sanctuary, my secret garden, the place where time stands still…and everything is in place.
Reminding me, and taking me back to the happiest days of my life.

Festival Des Métiers / Backstage…

☛ I just wanted to give you a small preview of the fascinating “Festival Des Métiers” exhibition in Munich.
Explore the craftmanship & heritage of Hermès.
Don’t miss it…

Grazie Caro…

☛ Twenty years ago I bought the first issue of Vogue magazine, And the reason why I did it was Gianni.

The Versace advertising campaign shot by Richard Avedon, featuring Nadja, Christy, Claudia, Cindy and Stephanie has left me speachless.
It was the most stunning & inspiring thing I have ever seen. From this moment it was absolutely clear – my life will be dedicated to fashion.

Gianni was my hero, my “Le Roi Soleil”… and I still miss him every single day.

(Gianni Versace / 1946 -1997)

The world is Orange…

☛ 10 Hermès artisans, will give us a rare “behind the scenes” look at the “Festival de Métiers” in Munich.
Come and see the ancient saddle-sew stitching of the “Kelly” bag, hand painted Carré-foulards & beautiful handcrafted small leather goods…

Discover the heritage of Mr. Thierry Hermès at:

Hermès – Festival de Métiers
13. – 18. July 2012

Haus der Kunst – Terrassensaal
Prinzregentenstraße 1, München
open daily from 12:00 – 08:00 PM

Summer Mystery…

☛ Well, how about some “summer mystery”?

Imagine the south of france, mixed with ingredients like: love, drama, sexual jealousy, possessiveness, murder, breathtaking landscapes & unexpected turns…

Believe me, If you are a fan of french art-movies, you will love this two master pieces:
“Swimming Pool” (2003), directed by François Ozon and starring Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier, or “La Piscine” (1969), directed by Jacques Deray, starring Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet and Jane Birkin.

All available at

The Holy B(V)ible…

☛ The first monograph on the luxury house Bottega Veneta is on it’s way!!!
You will be able to explore the beauty of BV on 304 stunning pages.

So please make a big note in your “Ebano Intrecciato” agenda:

PUB. Date Europe: 10.09.2012
Publisher: Collection Rolf Heyne

PUB. Date USA: 02.10.2012
Publisher: Rizzoli New York

Pre-Order at

A breeze of Capri…

☛ The J.K.Capri, is one of those breathtaking places, you just never wanna leave.
The first plant of the Hotel was a private house named Villa Bovaro, which was built before 1878 and turned into a hotel before 1885.
Since then it was a long journey, full of different hotel-names & “face-lifts”.
But the present look of J.K. Capri seems to be the most beautiful & inspiring one.

The history, the design, the colours, the location, the vibe… it’s the perfect mixture of privacy & luxury.

Explore the amazing world of J.K.Capri at:

Lavender Dreams…

☛ The beautiful Island of Hvar (located in the middle part of the Croatian coast), is the place where my father has grown up.
His entire childhood memories are connected to this place of true Mediterranean magic.
Years ago, he showed me the lavender fields situated on the top of the island.
It was love at first sight… the vibrant colour, the magnetic scent, the irrepressible energy… I had the feeling time was standing still.
This moment has bonded us forever.

Lavender fields will always remind me of my father… I will always see him standing there, smiling, waving back to me…
It was a moment of absolute peace & trust – one of the most beautiful presents he could ever give me.

The magician of Colors…

☛ Olaf Hajek is the magician of colors, a virtuoso illustrator and a big storyteller.
His art is like a “one way ticket” to the world of fairy tales and supernatural.

His illustrations have always been one of my favorites,
and his fashion work (inspired by the Cuban advertising posters from the 1960s),
are welcoming me every day from the walls of my bedroom.

Hajeck’s work shows strong influence from Frida Kahlo & Boticelli.
Though he claims his favorite color is blue, Hajek’s work takes full advantage of the color spectrum, and he is known for expressive use of the color palette.

His other common themes are “magic realism,” as focuses frequently on wonder, heroic acts, hallucinations, and fairytale motifs.

Explore the work of Mr Hajek at